Started a new business!

I’ve been away from my writing for a little while due to me starting my Perfectly Posh Business. #PerfectlyPosh is a brand of pampering products that are all-natural and are cruelty free. Everything is super high Quality, and smells so dang good! Click here to see what I offer!


Gone Solo

I’ve taking my wings and flew away. I’m an indie author now, and I love it. I never felt more freer in my life then I did at the moment I signed my books rights contracts to be released back to me. It was amazing, and I don’t regret it at all, not like I thought I would!

Taking offers from Authors for #BookCovers and #Teasers

For real, I will make you a beautiful book cover for 25-50 dollars. What a bargain! Who else can say they offer such a lower price?! I make book teasers with a 3D book image for only 2 dollars. You don’t have to have the 3D cover, that’s just if you want it! If you’d like to learn more, contact me!!! Don’t be shy! I also make trailers! I take checks and money orders!

I make amazing book covers!

I make wonderful, quality covers for books for a cheap price. I charge 25-50 depending on what you want, and how long it takes me to do. I just ask in the request you give me your book title, you pen name, what sort of images you want (I can layer and for example: add someone from a beach background to the woods.) but if you have images, cool, send them! Let me know, don’t be shy! I also make 3d book teasers too for two bucks each. That includes images and words… 🙂


These are a few samples of what I made the other day! And yes, I’ll take a check, money order, whatever! I will make your cover, but I will not give you over the hard copy until I receive payment! I will have a watermark over it LOL!

Dance Of The Teacups

Still working on my WIP. I think I am starting to fall more in love with these characters then I ever thought possible. I can’t wait until it is done, and I can hold the physical book in my hands. The cover is custom made and so beautiful… 🙂 (I made it)