The Best Thing About Being A Solstice Author.



Being an author at Solstice is one of the most wonderful things that’s ever happened to me. When I got the confirmation email that my book Frost on my Pillow would be accepted, I was ecstatic and my heart was beating like crazy. But let me tell you, I had a feeling it would have been. I remember telling my husband that Solstice was going to take my book, because my character, Lyla, is from another world called the Summer Solstice. And look what happened, they did! I had a feeling about this company, and I was right. (Not to brag here, but I am pretty awesome, LOL!)

Now, back to what being an author here is all about. Everyone is kind, shows unlimited support for each other, and are all amazing authors that I’m proud to know, and work with. If you have a question, they’re there to answer with no judgement. The staff works with you on a one on one basis it seems. You’re treated like family, and we’re all there for one another in what we want to do. If someone wants another author to post something on their own blog, it’s done, Support a campaign with HeadTalker or ThunderClap? Done. Need a review? Done. Author interview? Done.

I’ve never known another company who does this. I’ve never know such selfless people.

If you want to submit to Solstice, I advise you to do so, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll join the family too.

Submissions here!



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